Jul 26, 2022 · Loads at Angle - Lateral Resistance Main member parallel to grain, Side member perpendicular to grain Q r = 1.55 kN N r side = 2.5 kN Main member perpendicular to grain, Side member parallel to grain. "/>

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8.2 LATERAL LOAD -CARRYING CAPACITY OF METAL DOWEL-TYPE FASTENERS 58 8.2.1 General 58 8.2.2 Timber -to- timber and panel-to- timber connections 58 8.2.3 Steel-to- timber connections 60 8.3 NAILED CONNECTIONS 62 8.3.1 Laterally loaded nails 62 3. The characteristic load -bearing capacity in the service limit state determines the limit of the elastic region within which the maximum point <b>load. Live Load consists of the weight of everything that will be on top of the deck. This would include you, your family, friends and all the chairs, tables, grill and anything else. Dead Load consists of the weight of the deck structure that sits on top of the posts. An average deck would be designed to handle a load of 50 psf (pounds/square foot.

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